It’s not what it looks like

energy 2014 AEA 600

America’s oil shale revolution has occurred in spite of President Obama’s attempts to block the widespread use of traditional, affordable energy resources. The President’s war on coal is threatening to shut down enough electrical generating capacity to power 44.7 million homes.

One of the last lines of defense for Obama’s six-year blockade of the Keystone XL pipeline will come and go with the midterm elections, as TransCanada explores other options for the transport of their vast surplus of oil. And with American oil production booming on private and state lands, Obama continues to willfully ignore the enormous potential of our federal lands by holding them under lock and key.

Technological advancements in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling across the American heartland have created thousands of jobs and revitalized small towns from Texas to North Dakota. Put simply, traditional American energy is moving forward – with or without the President – and before long, the levee’s going to break.

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