AEA Launches Congressional Energy Scorecard

WASHINGTON DC – Today, the American Energy Alliance (AEA) announced the launch of a major education and accountability initiative, the American Energy Scorecard. With energy at the top of the agenda for the 114th Congress, AEA is unveiling the nation’s first and only free-market congressional energy accountability scorecard.

The American Energy Scorecard educates lawmakers about the most important energy votes of the year and empowers the American people to hold their elected officials accountable for the decisions they make in Washington with respect to energy policy. The scorecard is guided by a core set of principles, which include promoting affordable, abundant, and reliable energy; expanding economic opportunity and prosperity; and reducing the scope of government intervention in energy markets.

Click here to learn more about the American Energy Scorecard.

This scorecard represents another major expansion of AEA’s energy advocacy and lawmaker accountability efforts. Since our inception, AEA has played an increasingly active role promoting free-market energy policies. Most recently, in 2014, AEA conducted energy accountability initiatives in several states including Colorado, West Virginia, Iowa, Alaska, and North Carolina. With a new Congress underway and another presidential elections fast approaching, the American Energy Scorecard will be integral to AEA’s increasingly influential role in free market energy advocacy and lawmaker accountability.

“A congressional scorecard devoted to free-market energy policies is long overdue,” said American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle. “For far too long, left-wing environmental groups have been the only ones in the arena. That’s about to change. The American Energy Scorecard educates lawmakers on pro-growth energy policies and empowers Americans to hold their elected leaders accountable for their votes, not their rhetoric.”

Throughout the year, we will notify lawmakers with “Key Energy Vote” alerts that explain how certain bills or amendments promote or hinder energy prosperity. We will soon unveil a searchable database that allows the public, the media, and policymakers to track how elected officials are voting on critical energy matters.

AEA’s first “Key Energy Vote” is the House vote on H.R. 3 to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. We urge lawmakers to vote “yes” on this bill. Click here to see AEA’s “Key Energy Vote” alert for H.R. 3.


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