Will Biden Return to 50 Years of Failed Energy Policy?

For the last fifty years, with one notable exception, U.S. presidents have used their State of the Union Address to push for expensive, unreliable, and politically motivated sources of energy.

This year it is likely Joe Biden will return to this trend in his address to the nation and champion his so-called “Build Back Better” agenda which would give BILLIONS of dollars to special interest groups working to make energy MORE EXPENSIVE and LESS RELIABLE for American families! 

After catching up on the history of presidential pandering during the SOTU from our short video, send Biden a message telling him enough is enough!

President Trump proved what American energy producers are capable of and now it’s time to remind the current administration we won’t go back to paying $4.00 a gallon gas and importing foreign energy quietly!

The American Energy Alliance calls on everyone who supports free markets and affordable energy to contact Joe Biden and demand he rejects 50 years of failed energy policy!

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