Auto Dealers Tell President Biden to Pump the Brakes on EV Mandates

WASHINGTON DC (11/30/2023) – This week, nearly 4,000 auto dealers from all 50 states sent a letter to President Biden calling on the administration to slow the implementation of proposed rules that mandate the sale of electric vehicles (EVs).

AEA President Thomas Pyle, and founding member of the Save Our Cars Coalition, issued the following statement:

“Auto dealers are in the business of selling cars. They want to stock vehicles that consumers want to buy. But this administration is so set on dictating which cars and trucks Americans should own, that their policies have upended the balance between supply and consumer demand.

Today, nearly 4,000 car dealers wrote to President Biden to explain these dynamics. As the last stop along the supply chain, dealers have the closest interaction with consumers and are most significantly impacted by policies that reduce the availability of cars and trucks that Americans want to buy.

Despite taxpayer-funded subsidies that artificially reduce costs, consumer demand for EVs persistently lags supply, and the vehicles sit on lots longer than gas- and diesel-powered cars. By speaking out, hopefully, these auto dealers will be able to help persuade the administration that American families should have the freedom to buy the vehicle that best suits their budget and lifestyle while encouraging fair competition in the automotive industry.”

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