Key Vote YES on H.R. 4468

The American Energy Alliance supports H.R. 4468, the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales Act which would prevent the EPA from mandating certain types of vehicles.

The Biden Administration has made very clear that it has a strong ideological preference for electric vehicles and wants to do everything in its power to increase electric vehicle sales. But Congress has given no power to the President to require the purchase or sale of electric vehicles. Indeed, where the topic is mentioned, existing statutes make very clear that the administration is not supposed to even consider electric vehicles when making regulatory decisions, for example with regard to Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.

Contrary to this clear instruction from Congress, this administration has sought backdoor ways to force adoption of electric vehicles through supposedly neutral regulations that in practice can only be complied with by producing more electric vehicles. This legislation directly addresses one element of this overreach, the EPA’s new tailpipe emissions standards, and clarifies that in the future EPA cannot use tailpipe regulations again in such a deceptive manner.

Americans have made clear through their purchasing decisions that they are reluctant switch over to electric vehicles. This legislation respects that preference by ensuring that consumers can continue to buy the kind of cars they find most useful rather than be forced into the cars that a bureaucrat decides for them.

A YES vote on H.R. 4468 is a vote in support of free markets and consumer choice. AEA will include this vote it in its American Energy Scorecard.

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