The American Energy Alliance (AEA) is the independent grassroots affiliate of the Institute for Energy Research (IER).   AEA’s mission is to enlist and empower energy consumers to encourage policymakers to support free market policies. These policies lead to abundant, affordable, and reliable energy for all Americans.

In fulfilling its mission, AEA will enlist the support of Americans in every state and conduct targeted, non-partisan national and local energy education campaigns.  Outcomes will create a climate that encourages the advancement of free market energy policies.

Free markets will provide the United States with affordable, plentiful, and reliable energy. Energy consumers, not bureaucrats, should decide the mix between various sources of energy. The tax code should not be used to pick energy winners and losers. Lastly, markets not mandates result in lower energy prices and more abundant energy for all Americans.

AEA will also help fulfill the mission of the Institute for Energy Research, which is to establish itself as the premier source of accurate, substantive and timely energy information for policymakers, the media and the public.  By communicating IER’s decades of scholarly research to AEA grassroots activists, AEA will empower citizens with the facts.