Position In Biden Administration:

National Climate Advisor

Appointment Details:

  • Nomination Announced: December 17, 2020
  • Assumed Office: January 20, 2021

Past Work:

  • President of the Natural Resources Defense Council (2020-2021)
  • Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (2013-2017)

In Her Own Words:

About McCarthy:

McCarthy is the former president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, as well as former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and former assistant administrator for President Obama’s Office of Air and Radiation.

She was head of the EPA in 2015, and signed the Clean Power Plan which forced thousands of megawatts of electricity off the grid prematurely. She played a key role in developing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a regional cap and trade scheme has been largely ineffectual. In her role as Whitehouse Climate Czar, she would undoubtedly work to further undermine free markets in energy.

Fun Facts:

  •  Single-handedly increased the cost of vehicles by thousands of dollars.

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