Energy For America

Energy for America will educate the public about the abundance of energy resources here in the United States that can be developed safely with today’s technology, and will advocate for truth and transparency in public discourse about 21st century energy issues.

Our nation’s energy future is bright, thanks to recent technological innovations in the way we produce energy all over the country. Advances in the use of hydraulic fracturing have enabled large increases in the production of natural gas and oil. The United States is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas and third largest oil producer. As a result of the increase in natural gas production alone, the U.S. now has 600,000 more jobs, an additional $76.9 billion of GDP, and enough natural gas to power the country for 125 years at current rates of consumption. Many have appropriately dubbed this recent boom as the “natural gas revolution.”

However, this is not the story told by a few shrill voices in Washington and Hollywood. Though hydraulic fracturing has been deployed safely for more than 60 years, sensationalist claims made by a vocal few are jeopardizing our ability as a nation to develop our domestic resources and attain a more secure energy future.

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