The House continues to debate its annual appropriations bills, turning next to the FY 2017 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill. One amendment, offered by Rep. Mullin, will block any funds from being used by the administration to put forth so-called “midnight regulations.” The American Energy Alliance supports this language and urges all Members vote YES on the Mullin midnight regulations amendment.

As the name suggests, midnight regulations are regulations that are proposed or finalized in the late hours of a president’s term. As the president is no longer accountable to the voters, this lame duck session would allow the administration to push through any final regulations, regardless of the will of the American people.

This administration has consistently pushed an agenda that stifles the production and use of affordable, reliable energy and props up their preferred sources to make them “the profitable kind of energy.” Numerous regulations have been set forth to accomplish this goal, including the Clean Power Plan, ozone standards, methane regulations, an expanded definition of “Waters of the United States,” offshore drilling regulations, and many more. The president will undoubtedly attempt to roll out midnight regulations in an effort to cement his anti-energy agenda.

Fortunately, Rep. Mullin’s amendment would put an end to this. His amendment blocks funds from being used to propose or finalize any major rules (a rule with an annual economic impact of $100 million or more) between November 8, 2016, and January 20, 2017. This shuts the door on any potential major midnight regulations.

This amendment promotes good governance and ensures the American people are protected from any sort of harmful regulations that the administration would like to finalize. AEA supports this amendment and urges all Representatives vote YES on the Mullin midnight regulations amendment.