Selling Out To Special Interests While You Suffer.

By not supporting the Keystone XL pipeline, Sen. Mark Udall is selling out your family’s needs for special interests in Washington. It’s time to tell Udall to put the political games aside, and start standing up for Coloradan families.

Senator Udall’s policies:

  1. Rejecting High-Paying Jobs
    By supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline, Sen. Mark Udall could help create thousands of high-paying jobs for American families like yours.
  2. Not Listening Coloradans
    Two-thirds of Coloradans agree that the Keystone pipeline should be built. Why won’t Sen. Mark Udall stand with his constituents?
  3. Ignoring Bipartisan Support
    Both Democrats and Republicans support the installation of the Keystone pipeline – So why doesn’t Sen. Mark Udall?