All Pain, No Gain

The EPA’s new ozone rule could cost $270 billion a year, put millions of jobs at risk, & offers few (if any) health benefits. Send the EPA an official comment and help us stop this oppressive regulation.

Your letter to the EPA:

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

I am writing to urge you to withdraw your agency’s costly ozone rule. The proposed rule could be the costliest regulation in U.S. history while America is already reducing ozone without further regulation.

A recent analysis by NERA Economic Consulting shows the extent of the damage. A regulation that cuts the ozone standard by 20 percent to 60 parts per billion, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering, would slash economic growth by $270 billion per year, destroy 2.9 million jobs annually, and leave families with $1,570 less per year to spend on groceries and gas. Meanwhile, ozone emissions are down 33 percent over the last three decades without these stricter standards.

EPA’s ozone rule threatens to put huge swaths of the United States in “non-attainment.” That could force businesses to shut down operations and communities to stop building roads and schools. The proposed standard is so strict that it even threatens areas like Yellowstone National Park, where little industrial activity is occurring.

The proposed ozone rule is an all-pain, no-gain proposition. It threatens jobs and economic growth but does little to help the environment. President Obama seemed to understand this when he withdrew a similar proposal in 2011 to make sure “our economy continues to recover.”

Your agency’s proposal is no less misguided now. I urge you to once again scrap this flawed ozone rule.