The American Energy Alliance urges President Trump to fully withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised to end American participation in the costly and unpopular U.N. climate scheme, and we implore him to uphold that commitment. Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will protect American manufacturers from international bureaucrats who want to raise our energy prices and it will promote the economic growth we so desperately need. The Paris Agreement allows countries to adjust their so-called nationally determined contributions—but only in one direction: that of more regulation, higher costs, and more government control of our energy sector. In the meantime, countries like China and India have actually promised to continue increasing their emissions. No wonder they think the Paris Agreement is such a good deal.

We can’t afford an “America last” energy policy. We ask President Trump to respect and prioritize the interests of the American people and withdraw from this agreement.

Tell President Trump to keep his promise and withdraw from the Paris Agreement.


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