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Regulations from the White House are making cars and trucks thousands of dollars more expensive. These regulations, called corporate average fuel economy standards (CAFE standards), are jacking up the cost of manufacturing cars, and manufacturers will pass those costs onto American families. Tell the Biden administration what you think about their plans to mandate more expensive vehicles!

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new emissions standards for vehicles require manufacturers to increase overall fuel efficiency by over 25 percent by 2026, effectively mandating that electric vehicles make up two-thirds of new car sales. In order for customers to buy electric vehicles, manufacturers will have to make them less expensive than internal combustion vehicles, which will likely mean raising the price of internal combustion (ICE) vehicles until they are more costly than electric vehicles. Today, the average electric vehicle costs around $65,000, while the average ICE vehicle costs around $48,000.

Learn how CAFE mandates impact working families in America from the video below: