It’s time for someone to tell the truth about EVs and the federal EV tax credit.

The truth is the EV tax credit gives a handout to corporations and wealthy EV buyers at the expense of every American taxpayer.
The truth is almost 80% of electric vehicle tax credits go to households with an adjusted gross income of more than $100,000 or higher.
The truth is if policymakers in Washington were to lift the manufacturers’ cap, they would inflict economic harm on American households to the tune $95 billion between 2020 and 2035.
The truth is the federal electric vehicle tax credit is a means for the government to virtue signal which kinds of cars Americans should buy instead of allowing individuals to choose for themselves.
The truth is the government has a poor track record of picking winners and losers in energy markets.
The truth is government subsidies cannot replace consumer demand. Electric vehicles must compete on a level playing field to determine if they are economically viable. 
The truth is the International Energy Agency estimates the impact in terms of carbon-dioxide emissions reductions from EVs is far below 1%, that is… nothing.

The truth is it’s time to end the federal EV tax credit. 

Contact your senators today and tell them to end the EV tax credit, not extend it.