Colorado AEA Launches “Compromises” Radio Ad

The text of the ad follows

Gas prices are hurting Colorado families.  But, Congressman Mark Udall has voted 34 times against additional energy exploration and production. Udall said “we can’t drill our way out of this problem,” but now says he supports drilling.

The legislation he now backs would actually make it more difficult to produce our own energy.  It’s called the “Gang of Sixteen” compromise, but the only thing it compromises is our ability to drill for oil on nearly eighty percent of America’s energy rich outer continental shelf.

The legislation Congressman Udall supports will also raise taxes on domestic energy production, cost America 600,000 jobs, and do virtually nothing to decrease our reliance on Middle Eastern oil.

Call Mark Udall at (303) 650-7820. Tell him if he really supports drilling, he should support energy legislation that will result in more American energy, not LESS. 

Read the whole fact sheet here

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