AEA Launches South Carolina Ad “Two Senators”

The text of the ad follows

“It’s a tale of two United States Senators.

As our families struggle with rising energy prices Senator Jim DeMint fought hard to lift the ban on offshore exploration and production.”

“Senator Lindsey Graham took a different approach—supporting a deal that permanently locks up more than 75% of the United States energy rich Outer Continental Shelf.”

“Senator DeMint’s plan for additional exploration means lower energy costs for our families, more jobs for our economy and greater security for our nation.”

“Senator Graham’s misguided plan will have little effect on energy prices and only benefit corrupt oil rich nations, like Venezuela and Nigeria.”

“How can two Senators from the same state, representing the same people have such differing views?

Call Senator Graham at 864-250-1417 and tell him to follow Senator DeMint’s lead and support energy policies that benefit South Carolina families.”

Read the whole fact sheet here


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