AEA Tells South Carolina the Truth about Their Senators

“More energy production from resources owned by the American people  — on and offshore – means lower energy prices for American families and businesses. 

Senator DeMint gets it. Senator Graham, unfortunately, does not.”

Washington, DC – The American Energy Alliance (AEA) continues its efforts to keep leaders accountable for their energy policies with a new radio spot, “Two Senators.”  AEA’s latest ads will run starting today in South Carolina.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“Our continued education efforts are driven by a simple truth:  more production from resources owned by the American people – on and offshore — means lower energy prices for American families and businesses.  We will keep working to educate voters, government officials, and other stakeholders until everyone understands this fundamental fact.

“In South Carolina, this issue is marked by an unfortunate divergence between their two United States Senators.  Senator DeMint is a tireless champion for more domestic energy, lower energy prices, and more jobs here at home.  Senator Graham decided to collaborate with those who will restrict our domestic energy resources.

“I am confident that the citizens of South Carolina, given the choice, would prefer to use the energy resources they own rather than rely on thugs like Hugo Chavez.  I hope Senator Graham comes to that same realization.”

Listen to the ad

Script of the “Two Senators” follows:

“It’s a tale of two United States Senators.

As our families struggle with rising energy prices Senator Jim DeMint fought hard to lift the ban on offshore exploration and production.

Senator Lindsey Graham took a different approach—supporting a deal that permanently locks up more than 75% of the United States energy rich Outer Continental Shelf.

Senator DeMint’s plan for additional exploration means lower energy costs for our families, more jobs for our economy and greater security for our nation.

Senator Graham’s misguided plan will have little effect on energy prices and only benefit corrupt oil rich nations, like Venezuela and Nigeria.

How can two Senators from the same state, representing the same people have such differing views?”


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