Colorado AEA Launches Financial Disaster Ad

The text of the ad follows

Energy costs are soaring and our economy is in financial crisis.

Congressman Mark Udall’s u-turn on energy policy is in the wrong direction for Colorado families.

After 34 votes against additional exploration and cheaper energy, Mark Udall supports a new energy plan that studies say will cost America over 600,000 jobs and reduce household earnings in Colorado by over 340 million dollars.

The Udall plan also calls for increased taxes on energy and publicly held company profits – squeezing our pension and 401K plans that are already reeling from bank failures and the mortgage disaster.

Mark Udall’s votes helped create America’s energy and economic problems.  His new plan is not a solution.

Call Mark Udall at three, oh, three – six, five, oh – seventy-eight twenty (303-650-7820).  Tell him Colorado families can’t afford his energy plan.

Read the whole fact sheet here

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