BOMBSHELL: Obama White House Predicts Cap-and-Trade Will Cost Families Nearly $1800 Each Year

Internal White House documents shows true costs of cap-and-trade,
Job-killing legislation tantamount to 15 percent tax hike across the board on every American family

Washington, DC – Thomas J. Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance (AEA), issued the following statement in light of a recently revealed internal White House document that shows cap-and-trade will cost families $1,761 annually:

“Over the better part of this year, the American Energy Alliance has shed light on the devastating impacts cap-and-trade will have on our economy, our nation’s ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace, and on each and every American’s cost of living.

“The jury is in on cap-and-trade. This internal White House memo brings closure to the debate about the threats and costs associated with cap-and-trade. These documents bring home the point that retirees, working-class families and small businesses will see an enormous increase in their energy costs as a result of this proposal – a claim that proponents of this policy, including the President, have denied on more than one occasion.

“These internal memos, in no uncertain terms, are concrete proof that significant, job-killing, prosperity-limiting costs are directly associated with cap-and-trade. And despite these warnings from inside the White House – not to mention that the American people are squarely opposed to paying higher energy costs – this Administration continues to recklessly pursue policies that will only prolong and deepen this current economic downturn and threaten the American way of life as we know it.”

NOTE: Click HERE to read Administration documents confirming that cap-and-trade will levy an enormous burden on every single American family and business in the form of $100 to $200 billion in new energy taxes .


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