Will Sen. Kerry Kite Surf to Copenhagen?

AEA urges Sen. Kerry to lead by example – be the first (and only) official to use carbon-free energy source to travel to global warming conf.

Washington, DC – Thomas J. Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance, issued the following statement urging Sen. John Kerry, the lead author of the Kerry-Boxer cap-and-trade legislation, to make carbon-conscious choices when he travels to the U.N. global warming conference in Copenhagen:

“When it comes to the growing threat of manmade global warming, actions speak louder than words.  Sen. Kerry has the opportunity to lead by example and harness the limitless energy of the wind off our shores to whisk him away to Copenhagen.

“While supporters of a cap-and-trade energy tax insist that Americans must change their behavior, use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint, we have yet to see a single official use carbon-free renewable energy to travel to Copenhagen.

“It is unfortunate that the vast majority of energy rationing supporters are unwilling to follow their own dictates , choosing private jets and limousines when they could harness the proven, renewable and carbon-free energy we have right at our fingertips.

“Based on calculations provided by the World Wildlife Fund – which last year invited environment-minded folks to join them on a 36,800-mile “Private Jet Expedition ” – we estimate that Sen. Kerry could save the world from an additional 268 tons of carbon dioxide and offset the annual carbon footprint of 14 average Americans if he’ll kite surf his way to Copenhagen.

“We hope Sen. Kerry will encourage some of his fellow colleagues to join him in kite surfing to and from Copenhagen. Maybe he’ll even offer lessons to those who’ve never used carbon-free transportation before. Surf’s up.



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