Bipartisan Majority in Senate Opposes EPA Carbon Criminalization

While Murkowski resolution failed, good news emergesfrom Senate debate


Washington, DC – This afternoon the U.S. Senate voteddown a measure sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that would havestripped the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of its authority tocriminalize carbon emissions from stationary sources. Stationary sourcesinclude power plants, hospitals, schools, factories and other large buildingsthat emit above a politically determined level of carbon dioxide emissions onan annual basis.


The measure, called a Resolution of Disapproval, is part ofthe Congressional Review Act (CRA) that allows the legislative branch tooverturn regulations made by unelected bureaucrats.  The resolution wouldhave only required a simple majority (51) of votes for passage. The MurkowskiResolution was voted down 47-53.


Thomas J. Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance,an advocacy group that urged Senators to vote YES on this resolution, issuedthis statement following the vote:


“Unelected bureaucrats, who aren’t accountable to anyone,are the last people in this town who should be given the reins to regulateevery sector of our economy. And while the Murkowski Resolution would havebegun the process to overturn this authority, a majority of the Senate, aidedby a well-financed anti-energy movement, narrowly won this battle.


“However, the Senate did send an important message today.The Murkowski Resolution fell a few votes short, but when added together with asimilar proposal sponsored by Senator Rockefeller, over 51 senators are now onthe record opposing EPA’s job-killing authority to regulate carbon emissions.This is good news.


“That said, and contrary to the comments made by Senatorsfrom both parties on the Floor today, Congress is equally ill-equipped as theEPA to regulate carbon. Criminalizing economic growth, transportation, anddomestic manufacturing, as cap-and-trade or a carbon tax would do, is misguidedpolicy regardless of whether it originates from the EPA or the Congress.”




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