AEA launches “Nine Dollar Gas” Ad

WASHINGTON D.C. — The American Energy Alliance launched today a multi-million dollar nationwide initiative to educate the public about energy policies that are causing gas prices and other energy costs to skyrocket. The first phase of the initiative includes a 30-second television ad that begins airing this week in eight states across the country.

“The failed policies of the Obama administration are laid bare by the rising cost of energy in America, despite the fact that we have 200 years of domestic oil supply to meet our current needs without imports. For several weeks now, the administration has been on a deceptive energy charade — running from the president’s abysmal record, attempting to take credit for production increases due to Bush and Clinton-era policies, pretending to support fossil fuel development, all the while pushing new laws and regulations that close off American access to the natural resources that drive our economy,” AEA President Thomas Pyle noted.

“We cannot afford these policies any longer, and AEA is committed to telling the truth to the American people about the vast supply of oil resources that are available, but for the Obama administration. This initiative is the first component of our determined effort.”

The eight-state cable and network advertisement is scheduled to run for the next two weeks in New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Michigan. An initial buy of $2.5 million will be followed by an additional $1.1 million buy to make the largest effort of its kind in AEA’s history. Future phases include radio, Internet, and print media advertising, as well as grass roots education and mobilization efforts to promote free market energy policies.

To view the “Nine Dollar Gas” ad, click below:



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