President Biden’s Gas Tax Holiday: Another Empty Gesture

Americans need real regulatory reform, not empty gestures.

WASHINGTON DC (06/22/2022) – Earlier today, President Joe Biden called for temporarily suspending the federal gasoline tax, asking lawmakers to pass a three-month pause on the federal 18-percent-per-gallon tax.

This continues his administration’s routine of offering empty gestures to Americans who are struggling with record-high energy prices. Since President Biden took office, his administration and Congressional Democrats have taken over 100 actions deliberately designed to make it harder to produce energy here at home. Thirty-two of these anti-energy proclamations were enacted after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Biden regularly touts as the reason for rising gas prices.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“President Biden is once again grasping at straws to make Americans believe that he is doing all he can to lower gasoline prices. The reality is the Biden climate agenda calls for higher energy prices and this Administration has done everything in its power to make energy more expensive for American families.

Instead of proposing what even President Obama called a gimmick, Congress should take substantive steps to reverse Biden’s assault on affordable and reliable energy from oil and natural gas. Clearly, the President doesn’t care about the struggles of American families. If the Democrats on the Hill still do, as they claim, they can do something that’s actually meaningful instead of playing along with Biden’s charade.”

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