AEA President Opposes Obama Push for More Wind Handouts

For Immediate Release
May 24, 2012

WASHINGTON D.C. — In advance of President Obama’s campaign-year stop in the State of Iowa to tout his administration’s support for wind energy handouts, AEA President Thomas Pyle released a letter to all Members of the 112th Congress opposing the administration’s call for more deficit spending on renewable energy.

“Decades of clamoring for subsidies and cash handouts by wind power proponents have done nothing to mature the industry into a viable competitor in a free energy market,” Pyle wrote.  “If the past three years have proven anything, they have demonstrated that record deficit spending does not create jobs. Neither does limitless taxpayer-funded handouts to an uneconomic, uncompetitive renewable sector reduce the cost of electricity for American consumers nor midwife a sustainable industry.”

To read Pyle’s letter, click here.


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