In the Pipeline: 6/22/12

And you shall know the truth.  And the truth shall set you free.  At least that is what my friend John says.

We offer this without comment.  Except to say that in every instance subsidies are corrupting.  You know, like the Food Stamp bill just passed by the Senate. 
The Hill (6/21/12) Reports: Low natural-gas prices mean that it’s economical to power heavy trucks with the fuel even without federal incentives, according to a new report that finds up-front investment costs for the vehicles could be recovered in three years.

I’m willing to bet the response from the bad guys is going to be to attack the professors who did the study.  Anyone want that action? The Colorado Observer (6/7/12) Reports: Wherever WildEarth Guardians goes, the economy suffers, according to a newly released report… The study, “Economic Impact of WildEarth Guardians Litigation on Local Communities,” found that household income drops by an average of $2,503 in communities where the non-profit group WildEarth Guardians is active in litigating environmental issues.

You know who didn’t sign this letter?  That’s right, the taxpayers who are being robbed so corporate farms can be paid off by their pals in Congress. Agriculture Energy Coalition (4/5/12) Reports: “We recognize the fiscal challenges facing your committees as a new Farm Bill is drafted this year. However, for all of the reasons noted above, we urge you to ensure the vital Energy Title programs are re-authorized and afforded significant mandatory funding over the life of the legislation.  Helping to grow the economy in these relatively inexpensive, but transformative ways will help ease the fiscal challenge in the years ahead while also addressing other critical national challenges.”

We hope you don’t retire.  It will be fun watching you explain your comments to voters during an election campaign. Politico (6/21/12) Reports: Rockefeller flatly denied to him that his vote Wednesday against an effort to derail Obama administration rule targeting mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and his floor speech should be taken as a sign he won’t run in 2014.

Usually we don’t run press releases, but the egregiousness of DOE’s “Beyond Solyndra” is too much to ignore.  Apparently, Nobel prizes are not won for honesty or integrity. Energy and Commerce (6/21/12) Reports:In an astonishing piece of propaganda entitled “Beyond Solyndra,” the Obama administration today points to an electric car company whose loan has been suspended as an example to validate their massive federal efforts. Unfortunately, the sad reality is even when you get “Beyond Solyndra,” the Obama Department of Energy’s risky investments are still littered with failure…

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