'The Fracking Miracle'


WASHINGTON DC — The Institute for Energy Research, in a joint venture with The Heritage Foundation, released today a video telling the story of economic freedom, energy abundance, and job creation that are happening in North Dakota’s oil-rich Bakken shale formation. “A Fracking Miracle” provides first-person narratives of lives transformed, record employment, and economies bolstered by sensible state regulation, private land ownership, and safe drilling technologies.

“North Dakota is one of the nation’s most remarkable success stories — where free markets and American entrepreneurship are working together to create an economic miracle. The rising tide of robust energy development made possible by sensible regulation and private land ownership is truly lifting all boats — from farmers who were facing bankruptcy to unemployed machinists who are back catching up on their bills,” IER President Thomas Pyle noted.

“From all across the country, people are moving to North Dakota to find work and get a new start on life. Yet Washington is trying to limit hydraulic fracturing and stop the economic boom in North Dakota and other energy-rich parts of the country. From the Environmental Protection Agency to the Department of Interior, regulators are working overtime to close the pages on these success stories. ‘The Fracking Miracle’ explains why these regulators must be stopped to secure America’s private sector job creation, economic prosperity, and energy future.”

To view “The Fracking Miracle,” click below.

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