In the Pipeline: 8/15/12

Why we fight.


The video on this was awesome, despite the profound physical deficiencies of the interviewee. KXNews Bismark (8/14/12) reports: “You may have noticed an unfamiliar bus driving through the streets of Bismarck Tuesday. The bus is part of an American Energy Alliance bus tour. It’s stopping across the country raising awareness about the importance of Domestic energy production, manufacturing, and also how important refinery’s are.”


You know, he wasn’t any better in Billings. KULR8 Billings (8/14/12) reports: “A bus tour promoting domestic energy production made two stops in Billings on Monday. The American Energy Alliance’s “Products and Power” bus tour is going to 18 states over five weeks. The group says domestic energy production provided job and economic growth, and that simple, streamlined regulations make it easier to create new jobs.”


Governor Romney was right to come out against giving more taxpayer money to Obama’s cronies.  And Dan Kish is just the most solid person on the planet. USNews (8/14/12) reports: “But subsidies won’t sustain an industry that can’t stand on its own without the government. Just look at Europe, whose governments are now turning away from heavy subsidies for alternative energy production, says Dan Kish, senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research.”


“I laid off 239 last week.”  What else is there to say?  Except that the Obama Administration doesn’t seem to care about any of these people. WTRF (7/14/12) reports: “Governor Romney will be at Century Mines on Tuesday to speak to thousands of coal miners and their families… Local politicians will be speaking as well, including Josh Mandel for Senate, and Ohio Senator Rob Portman will introduce Governor Romney. Romney is scheduled to speak for half an hour, then plans to spend an hour talking with coal miners and their families.”

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