In the Pipeline: 8/17/12

Basically, Dan Simmons ran the show, even though it’s not actually named after him. The Diane Rehm Show (8/16/12) reports: “The role of subsidies for wind energy has become a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign. Governor Romney opposes extending tax credits for the wind industry. President Obama has re-doubled his commitment to them. In a rare show of bipartisanship last week, the Senate Finance Committee voted to extend the credits for another year. The debate over their fate will likely surface again in the fall. Supporters of the extension argue all major sources of energy have received federal help. Opponents say it’s time to let the free market take over. Diane her guests discuss the politics the future of wind energy in the U.S.”


One job in the coal industry supports six downstream jobs? That’s probably an understatement. Affordable energy makes literally every job (not propped up by government) possible.



This I don’t get at all.  I thought renewables were supposed to be cheaper.  At least that is what that lunkhead in Hobbs, New Mexico told me last week.  I wonder if he was wrong. CBS (8/15/12) reports: “New Mexico regulators have approved a request by the state’s largest electric provider to add a charge to customers’ bills to pay for renewable energy.”


Do you know how the President is always talking about how we built the Hoover Dam together?  Can anyone even imagine that anymore?  Nowadays our government celebrates tearing dams down and lying about it.  When are the Westerners going to wake up? (2/28/12) reports: “A federal agency’s former scientific integrity adviser has filed a whistle-blower complaint saying he was fired from his job after he began questioning top officials about “spinning” evidence to tout the removal of Klamath River dams.”


We don’t make the news here, we just report it. ACCCE (8/16/12) reports: “Robert M. “Mike” Duncan has been named president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, effective Sept. 10… Duncan brings wide experience in energy policy and business to ACCCE. Working with elected officials at every level and in all political parties, he has served as board member and chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority; assistant director of the Office of Public Liaison in The White House; chairman of the American Crossroads 527 committee; and chairman of the Republican National Committee.”


Jon Haubert wanted to know why we keep bringing up the carbon tax.  It is because it is incredibly destructive policy.  And the crew at AEI, led by Arthur Brooks, doesn’t seem to care about that. Sydney Morning Herald (8/17/12) reports: “A TASKFORCE comprising trade unions and manufacturers has cited the carbon price as adding to the pressures on the struggling industry sector in a report to government containing more than 40 recommendations, sources say.”


If some is good, more is better. The Australian (8/15/12) reports: “The carbon tax is doing exactly what it was intended to do and hurting Australia’s economy,” he said.”

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