In the Pipeline: 8/27/12

We couldn’t say it any better: “This project is not just a pipeline; it’s a lifeline for American working men and women.” Oklahoman (8/25/12) reports:



Abundance or scarcity.  Growth or destruction.  The choice could not be clearer. Human Events (8/26/12) reports: “While President Barack Obama rails against fossil fuels and supports billions of dollars in new spending for experimental sources of energy, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan support the development of the country’s natural resources as the foundation for a growing and modern economy.”

We have been taking a lot of heat from our friends at AEI about this sort of thing.  So we offer this without comment.  NYTimes (8/25/12) reports: The good news is that we could insulate ourselves from catastrophic risk at relatively modest cost by enacting a steep carbon tax. Early studies by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that a carbon tax of up to $80 per metric ton of emissions — a tax that might raise gasoline prices by 70 cents a gallon — would eventually result in climate stability. But because recent estimates about global warming have become more pessimistic, stabilization may require a much higher tax. How hard would it be to live with a tax of, say, $300 a ton?

There’s still a chance to RSVP for our event in Tampa. Issac will not be in attendence, but we promise it will still be an exciting lunch. August 29th, 11:30am: “Stephen Moore, editorial board member and senior economics writer for the Wall Street Journal, will lead a panel discussion in a lively debate on America’s energy future. With vast energy resources and advances in technology to unlock them, America has the potential to lead the world in energy production and spark a reviatlization of the manufacturing industry.”

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