In the Pipeline: 8/28/12

Normally, this is called vandalism. On Wednesday, you’ll be encouraged to sign the bus, while also enjoying beef tenderloin and seafood for lunch. AEA invites you to join Stephen Moore, Senator John Barrasso, Representative Mike Pompeo, and Thomas Pyle, President of AEA for a free market energy forum on Wednesday, August 29th, at 11:30 in Liberty Plaza.




Perhaps not the largest surprise we’ve ever experienced. USA Today(8/27/12) reports: “It would be the second interruption in production for the Volt, which can go 38 miles on battery power before needing a recharge from its gasoline engine. GM late Monday disputed published reports that the move is because of slow Volt sales.”

The Romney crew is only going to have trouble flipping some of these regulations if they hire the same batch of “moderates” that the Bush Administration did.  Yes, we mean guys like Boyden Gray and Jim Connaughton. National Journal (8/27/12) reports: “For all the Republican rhetoric about President Obama’s “war on coal,” there isn’t really a lot that Mitt Romney could do as Obama’s successor to turn around the decline in an industry that has long been the mainstay of the nation’s power supply.”
Jack Gerard would be a great chief of staff or Secretary of Interior or even Energy.  He would definitely be better than some of the horrible names that are being kicked around now. Politico (8/27/12) reports: “American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Jack Gerard on Monday dismissed scuttlebutt that he could serve a senior role in a Mitt Romney administration… “Washington silly talk,” Gerard told POLITICO in an interview on the first official day of the Republican National Convention.”

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