In the Pipeline: 8/8/12

This is the worst idea ever. Washington Post (8/6/12) reports: “The 18-year loans will be funded out of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, the government’s vehicle for promoting U.S. export sales by providing low-interest loans for services and goods produced by American industries. The funding could be applied to a variety of projects, including wind, solar and thermal power, said Fred Hochberg, the bank president and chairman.”


I don’t understand why everyone is surprised that Jim Rogers weaseled.  I mean, it is what he does. E&ENews (8/7/12) reports: “As organizers of the Democratic National Convention race to raise millions of dollars in the remaining few weeks before the event in Charlotte, N.C., they are doing so without the help of lead fundraiser Duke Energy Corp. CEO Jim Rogers.”


What?  You mean that an energy tax raises energy costs?  Are you sure? International Business Times (8/7/12) reports: “The high cost of electricity in Australia was mainly due to state governments’ move of generating revenues from power generators, which according to Prime Minister Julia Gillard were operating burdens eventually shouldered by consumers.”


The best part?  Describing Congress as a “structural hurdle.”  How can you not laugh? InsideEPA (8/7/12) reports: “”Most of the discussion here is what you called the 20 percent,” or voluntary programs that give EPA and industry flexibility, said Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center and a member of NACEPT. “But 80 percent of what you do is the implementation of statutory programs, and most of them aren’t very flexible.”… The agency needs to figure out how to get over that “structural hurdle,” Learner said.”


Meanwhile, Keystone XL remains unexpedited. Politico (8/7/12) reports: “President Barack Obama announced Tuesday that seven renewable energy projects on public lands across four Western states would be “expedited.””



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