In the Pipeline: 9/17/12

Brother Tom and his merry band continue to preach on. AEA (9/17/12) reports: “Go behind the scenes with the American Energy Alliance’s 2012 Bus Tour.”


What a surprise.  EPA does something destructive and contrary to the national interest deep on Friday afternoon.  AFPM (9/14/12) reports: “EPA’s decision to increase the biomass diesel volumes is wholly discretionary and irresponsible. It only serves to increase our nation’s fuel bill. Given the exorbitant cost of biodiesel, its poor performance qualities, significant fraud in the biodiesel industry, and the drought facing our nation’s farmers and ranchers, this is a bad decision at the wrong time.”


Maybe if they were paying attention to business, instead of shipping tens of millions of dollars to the Sierra Club and their pals to attack Republicans, this would not have happened. Fuel Fix (9/12/12) reports: “Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK), facing claims by mineral rights holders in multiple states over canceled oil and gas lease offers, lost a bid to reverse a $19.7 million judgment to a Texas lease owner.”


For those who are unsure why the public thinks their government routinely lies to them, take a look at this.  You would never guess that solar provides around one-tenth of one percent of electricity generation. DOE (9/12/12) reports: “The amount of electricity the United States generates from solar power has started to grow rapidly and is projected to reach 18,000 megawatt hours per day in 2013… A growing solar industry presents a tremendous economic opportunity for the United States, and that is why the Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative supports America’s best solar energy entrepreneurs and innovators.”


Chairman Upton hits it pretty hard.  He is getting to be a starEnergy & Commerce (9/14/12) reports: “An imposing wall prominently divides the visions of President Obama and congressional Republicans when it comes to economic growth and creating jobs. Solyndra is on one side and the Keystone pipeline is on the other.”


Maybe the Administration will be more enthusiastic about Chinese communists exploring for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico than they have been about American companies. Senator Inhofe (9/14/12) reports: “The letter outlines the Senators’ view that “ownership and operation of U.S. business operations by foreign governments via their corporate proxies becomes particularly concerning when critical natural resources such as oil and natural gas are involved.  The potential for these firms to disavow their rational profit-seeking motivations in favor of state ideological goals and foreign policy objectives must be fully considered when deciding whether to approve such transactions.””


His dad liked playing Hamlet as well. Politico (9/17/12) reports: “As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo weighs whether to allow fracking in the Empire State, environmentalists are working to make the case that the decision could affect his potential White House hopes in 2016.”


The new Scion iq hybrid gets 38 mpg.  And Obama set the CAFE at 55.

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