In the Pipeline: 9/24/12

Just as a rule, anything that these guys issue on a Friday is terrible.  This is no exception. Environment & Public Works (9/21/12) reports: “In typical EPA fashion, the agency released yet another late Friday afternoon statement – this time to inform us that Ron Curry will replace Al Armendariz of ‘crucify’ fame to oversee the largest oil and gas producing region in the country,” Senator Inhofe said.  “The timing of the announcement is the first red flag, and while I look forward to learning more about Mr. Curry, various public comments attributed to him raise concerns.”


The NYT discovers that the Internet runs on electricity. NYTimes(9/22/12) reports: “A yearlong examination by The New York Times has revealed that this foundation of the information industry is sharply at odds with its image of sleek efficiency and environmental friendliness… Most data centers, by design, consume vast amounts of energy in an incongruously wasteful manner, interviews and documents show. Online companies typically run their facilities at maximum capacity around the clock, whatever the demand.”


See, it is not really a loss for the utility.  It is a loss for the ratepayers of Idaho.  But I bet FERC, whose commissioners come from Nevada, Washington, North Dakota, Iowa, and Massachusetts don’t really care about that. KTVB (9/20/12) reports: “The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says Idaho Power’s long-term purchase agreement with wind farms means that it must buy electricity from the farms even when demand for power is low.”


Government does not create jobs.  It simply moves them from one group to another.  In this case, it moves them from taxpayers to wind “developers”.  Oh, and somewhere along the way, the federal government takes its cut off the top, just to make sure the whole mess is as inefficient as possible.  Senator Wyden is an overseer of this process. Politico (9/23/12) reports: “It’s vital for Congress to lead on this issue. My home state is a good example of how wind energy can create jobs and help local communities — when government policies lead to successful investments.”


I’ll take my mandate medium rare, please. CBS Los Angeles (9/18/12) reports: ““For comparison, an 18-wheeler diesel engine truck would have to drive 143 miles on the freeway to put out the same mass of particulates as a single charbroiled hamburger patty,” said Bill Welch, the principle engineer.”

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