Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines


The American Products American Power bus tour was right at home this past weekend at the Richmond International Raceway for NASCAR.  Thousands of fans flocked to the bus to sign the petition and to join the thousands of other Americans from all across the country fighting for sensible energy policies. As the current administration seeks to suffocate and shut down energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal with an onslaught of regulations, the fans at NASCAR stepped up to join the fight for energy policies that move America forward.

Away from the racetrack and bus tour, activists are engaged in the fight for affordable energy online.  On September 10th, a Facebook fan noted that the cost of energy is eating into their family budget: “Every year Christmas and celebrations get smaller and smaller. With grocery prices as high as they are Christmas dinner is now in jeopardy also.”

As EPA regulations on refineries and oil production make it more difficult to develop energy here at home, it’s no wonder that Americans fear rising prices for all of the products and power we use everyday.  These products, like the food on the shelf at the grocery store, all depend on reliable and affordable energy.  Farmers grow crops with fertilizers derived from refined products; those crops are shipped to market in diesel-powered trucks and the resulting food is then packaged with plastics built from petrochemicals.  By the time Americans make it to the checkout lane at the grocery store, EPA regulations on the energy industry have driven up the cost of everything from the hot dogs at a Nascar tailgate to a family’s Christmas dinner.  In this time of economic stagnation, Americans deserve energy policies that jumpstart the engines of growth and prosperity, not a regulatory war on affordable fuels that makes all products more expensive.

Join thousands of NASCAR fans and activists from all across the country who have teamed up with the bus tour and sign the petition here to support American Products. American Power.

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