Moving America Forward

Go behind the scenes with the American Energy Alliance’s 2012 Bus Tour and join the fight against government regulations that are strangling American energy and manufacturing:

The American Products. American Power. bus tour has traveled for over 10,000 miles to over 15 states to engage with Americans and bring their concerns about our failing energy policies back to D.C. Join the thousands of activists we’ve met on the bus tour and sign the petition today:

American Products. American Power. educates Americans on the importance of domestic energy production and the hundreds and hundreds of products that are made with American power. Our goal is to not only create awareness, but also mobilize Americans against regulations that fail to properly balance the costs and the benefits, thereby stifling innovation and economic growth.

The costs of regulations are factored into the products we buy everyday. As regulations become more and more burdensome on businesses, the more expensive our products become. From high tech electronics, such as smartphones, to grocery store purchases like deodorant, the cost of regulations are passed on to us, the consumer.

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