In the Pipeline: 10/3/12

‘Nough said.

 Obama's War on American Energy

Wind turbines don’t work when the wind blows.  Solar panels burst into flames when the sun shines.  The problem is not that the government picks winners and losers.  The problem is that government always picks losers. Daily Caller (10/2/12) reports: “In October of 2010, the company discovered that their panels were catching fire. One source said that this problem was brought to the company’s attention during a meeting in October 2010 with some company executives present and the suggestion was made to shut down the factory in order to address the problem.”


I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the best of times. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. IER (10/3/12) reports: “The Energy Information Administration just released its Annual Energy Review 2011 that provides U.S. energy data trends from 1949 through 2011. In short, it was a year that might be called “the best of times and the worst of times.” Production is up for oil, natural gas and  hydroelectric power, but the largest landholder in the country — the federal government — is suffering from restrictive policies that are driving energy production to record lows and gas prices to record highs.”


Good for them, and about time too. National Journal (10/2/12) reports: “With Mitt Romney and President Obama courting voters in coal battleground states like Ohio and Virginia, one of the industry’s most powerful interest groups is launching a new ad campaign Wednesday that encourages viewers to vote against Obama, though it doesn’t mention either the president or Romney by name.”


Only a Cuomo could say with a straight face that requiring more time to do something won’t delay it. National Review (10/2/12) reports: “Gov. Cuomo claims that his decision to impose yet another review of fracking won’t delay the process further, but speed it up.”


Ten? We’d probably use our toes and count to 20, but this is the right start. Heritage (10/1/12) reports: “The President has doubled down on wasting billions of dollars to subsidize politically preferred energy sources. Although he has aimed to save or create jobs, in the energy sector he is destroying jobs, threatening to destroy jobs, or failing to create them… Here are 10 of the most troubling energy and environmental regulations implemented or proposed by the Obama Administration.”

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