In the Pipeline: 11/26/12

We agree with Senator Vitter.  We do rock. Larry Kudlow Show, begins at 1:21:00 (11/17/12):  “I’d love to direct your listeners to a really good website . . . it’s by the Institute for Energy Research, which is a pro-domestic energy think tank, and they have a long list of action item possibilities from the Obama administration that they may be working on.  So that’s a great place to go if anybody wants to learn more about what the possible threats are.”


Whoops.  Larry slipped up here and told the truth about carbon taxes and energy taxes and how they are the same thing.  No wonder why the Obama crew had no use for him. Washington Post (11/23/12): “Summers asserted that it’s shocking that the United States has the lowest-priced energy in the world. “Why aren’t we talking more about raising taxes on carbon and energy?” he asked.”


You may have missed this.  But it is instructive because no one even tries to pretend that this is about climate change or global warming or the environment or anything other than expanding the size of government. The Sacramento Bee (11/26/12): “The likelihood of there being a hole in the budget has increased,” said Tiffany Roberts, an LAO analyst who focuses on climate change issues. “Not only do we question the viability of using the $500 million, but if these assumptions hold, it’s unlikely there’s even going to be $500 million.”


Lawmakers of the world unite and set the global price for carbon. OK, impossible, but at least Shell, et al. are covered for their next shareholder meeting. Bloomberg (11/19/12): “Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) joined Unilever NV (UNA) and more than 100 companies calling for lawmakers worldwide to put a “clear” price on carbon emissions in order to contain global warming.”


It is kind of shocking to think the entire world is not impressed with the collectivist ideas that are ascendant in the United States.  I mean, it’s great, but it does seem like a surprise to people like Walsh. Time Science (11/21/12): “The war on coal is being won in the U.S., but that won’t make much of a difference to global climate change. The real war is being fought in countries like China and India — and there may be little we can do to influence their policy choices.”


This must be a good thing if Juliet feels a need to attack it.  Keep it up gang. Washington Post (11/24/12): “The people who are saying that are trying to take attention away from the real issue — that alternative energy, renewable energy, is more expensive than conventional energy.” Todd Wynn, who directs ALEC’s energy, environment and agriculture task force, said the group decided to take up the issue because some of its members are worried about the mandates’ “impacts on their state’s economies and their constituents.”

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