In the Pipeline: 1/16/13

Wind production tax credit: $12.1 billion. Renewable diesel fuel tax credit: $2.2 billon. Algae mandate: $59 million. Elbow-rubbing with Ed Markey: Priceless. Groupon (expires 1/20/13) reports: “For $1,300, you get one VIP ticket for entry at 7 p.m. (a $1,950 value)… On the eve of the presidential inauguration, the 2013 Green Inaugural Ball corrals political leaders in the fields of conservation, clean technology, and renewable energy to celebrate the environmental successes of the last four years and inspire continual progress. At the black-tie affair––which in 2009 featured celebrity guests Maroon 5, Al Gore, and Melissa Etheridge––attendees can brush elbows with current members of Congress, including Massachusetts House member Ed Markey and Minnesota Senator Al Franken, as they brainstorm about oil alternatives and clean technology.”


I guess lighting money on fire throws off some energy.  Seems rather ineffective though, right? Forbes (1/14/13) reports: “Federal lawmakers would like you to believe that they’ve turned over a new leaf in 2013. But this fiscal cliff deal is the same old corrupt, insider dealing that so disgusted the public last year. About a fifth of the deal’s pork spending is special favors for flailing green energy initiatives.”


Those judges (except for the one who knows what he is talking about) should all be required to put E15 in their tanks from now on.  We’ll see how they feel about their decision then. Bloomberg(1/15/13) reports: “A federal appeals court refused to reconsider a decision to throw out a lawsuit challenging an Environmental Protection Agency rule that allows higher concentrations of corn-based ethanol in gasoline… On the losing side were grocery, auto and oil industry trade groups that sued in 2010, saying using more corn-based ethanol in auto fuel would harm engines and push up the price of food and gasoline. Today’s decision upheld a three-judge panel’s ruling in August that said the industries couldn’t show they had suffered specific harm as a result of the EPA’s decision.”


You won’t have King Bolo to kick around anymore.  Maybe he will run for mayor of Longmont. Denver Post (1/16/13) reports: “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will step down from his cabinet position in the Obama administration and return to Colorado to spend time with his family, his office has confirmed to The Denver Post.”


Pay close attention to Dan Kish.  He is a rare breed in Washington – a man who pulls no punches.  Ken Salazar only threatens to punch people. Politico (1/16/13) reports: “The constant message the Obama administration sends to the American people is clear — unreliable, intermittent and expensive energy sources will receive preferential treatment while the affordable and reliable sources we use every day will be taxed, embargoed and driven into bankruptcy,” Dan Kish of the Institute for Energy Research said in October. “President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have presided over the most abysmal stewardship of public lands in recent history.”


I don’t know who Matt Gaetz is, but I can tell this man has a very bright future. (1/15/13) reports: “Last year state Rep. Matt Gaetz was able to neuter but not kill a state requirement that Florida service stations pump only gasoline containing ethanol… His fellow lawmakers refused to take the 2008 Renewable Fuel Standard Act off the books, but they did agree to remove provisions through which merchants could be punished for ignoring it.”


I love me some Tim Carney. Washington Examiner (1/15/13) reports: “A handful of companies have formed America’s Energy Advantage, which is lobbying to curb the export of natural gas. If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably guess who AEA is: U.S. corporations that buy natural gas and don’t want foreigners bidding up the price on gas.”


Looks like the only thing good in Washington this year will be the Nationals. Washington Post (1/15/13) reports: “The ownership of the Washington Nationals might as well have issued a public proclamation Tuesday by coming to terms with free agent closer Rafael Soriano: World Series or bust. Davey Johnson, 70, who’ll retire after this year, said it first. Now, owner Ted Lerner, 87, is all-in, too.”

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