In the Pipeline: 2/8/13

Carbon tax?  Roadless rule?  Closing off access?  Time to stop shopping at REI and time to stop this nominee. Wall Street Journal (2/7/13) “In naming Sally Jewell as Interior secretary, President Obama lauded the REI boss as a woman who “knows the link between conservation and good jobs.” Tell that to Kevin Lunny. Mr. Lunny runs an 80-year-old California oyster business that had the bad luck decades ago of being enclosed in a federal park. On Monday, as Ms. Jewell polished her acceptance speech, a federal judge ordered the business evicted. Among the organizations working hardest to destroy the livelihood of Mr. Lunny and his 30 workers was the National Parks Conservation Association. Ms. Jewell is vice-chairman of its board.”

 Do NOT touch the Royal Lands


Sally, Sarah whatever. This gal will pick up right where Lisa Jackson/Richard Windsor left off in the most transparent Administration in history. PoliticoPro (2/8/13) “Sally Jewell, the newly nominated Interior Secretary nominee, gave $10,000 to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 as part of long history of donating to political campaigns and causes, Federal Election Commission records show…Those contributions are listed under her rarely used actual name, Sarah Jewell. The White House declined to comment. Your morning host runs down Jewell’s history of political contributions, which total nearly $100,000.”


How much of that public outcry came from the People’s Republic of Boulder? New York Times (2/6/13) “After facing a public outcry over plans to lease thousands of acres of public lands in Colorado’s North Fork Valley for oil and gas drilling, federal officials announced Wednesday that they would not put the parcels up for bid at auction this month.”


OK, this has nothing to do with energy, but we couldn’t resist. Daily Caller (2/8/13) “The back-and-forth verbal jabs between former Bush White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, his deputies at American Crossroads and some of the conservative movement’s so-called “critically important figures” took another intense turn on Mark Levin’s radio show on Thursday, with Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King entering the fray.”


We knew who he was in bed with all along… The Onion (2/7/13) “Sources have reported that following a long night of carousing at a series of D.C. watering holes, Energy Secretary Steven Chu awoke Thursday morning to find himself sleeping next to a giant solar panel he had met the previous evening.”


The following think tank chiefs are opposed to a carbon tax.  The list to date follows.  If your guy is not on the list, it is because he either favors a carbon tax, wants to retain the option of favoring a carbon tax at some point in the future, or has yet to contact us.

Tom Pyle, American Energy Alliance / Institute for Energy Research
Myron Ebell, Freedom Action
Phil Kerpen, American Commitment
William O’Keefe, George C. Marshall Institute
Lawson Bader, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Andrew Quinlan, Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity
Joe Bast, Heartland Institute
David Ridenour, National Center for Public Policy Research
Michael Needham, Heritage Action for America
Tom Schatz, Citizens Against Government Waste
Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
Sabrina Schaeffer, Independent Women’s Forum
Barrett E. Kidner, Caesar Rodney Institute
George Landrith, Frontiers of Freedom
Thomas A. Schatz, Citizens Against Government Waste
Bill Wilson, Americans for Limited Government

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