AEA Responds to ‘Ryan Budget’ Proposal


WASHINGTON D.C. — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle released the following statement in response to today’s release of the House Budget Committee’s FY2014 Budget Resolution, entitled “A Path To Prosperity: A Responsible, Balanced Budget.”

“The House today offers a new direction for America’s energy future — one that ends a broken system of cronyism and opens taxpayer-owned lands and waters to responsible energy development. Chairman Ryan’s budget recognizes the inexorable link between affordable, reliable energy and a growing economy. Regrettably, this sensible approach to energy policy has eluded Washington for decades, despite the fact that the United States and North America are the most energy rich region in the world. Now that we know how tremendous our energy supplies are, it is time for policies that reflect this potential.”

“The ‘Ryan Budget’ is a blueprint to restore fairness in government by ending taxpayer-funded giveaways to Solyndra-style special interests that receive multi-million dollar grants, loans, and loan guarantees for renewable technologies that cannot survive in the free market. Additionally, it provides overdue permitting for major energy infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline, which the White House continues to block at every turn.

“It remains to be seen if House Republicans will make good on the strong commitment of this budget and end the system of spoils and cronyism that continues to subvert a truly free energy market. We are hopeful that those members who offer full-throated support of today’s budget will also vow to end the huge subsidies for wind, corn-based ethanol, cellulosic biofuel, and other green energy schemes that pump borrowed dollars into their home districts for short-term political gain. A failure to end hypocrisy, in addition to cronyism, means that the ‘Ryan Budget’ will remain a distant dream of a fairer, more fiscally responsible government.”


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