Does Your Senator Support an Energy Tax?

In dueling votes last month, U.S. senators took a stand either for or against a tax on carbon dioxide emissions. Although symbolic, the votes separated those who want to impose yet another tax on American consumers from those who understand that more taxes mean less prosperity.

By a vote of 53-46, the Senate expressed support for Sen. Roy Blunt’s amendment to ensure that any future carbon tax bill would require 60 votes to pass. On the other hand, the Senate overwhelmingly rejected Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s amendment to use any revenue from a carbon tax to reduce the deficit, a thinly veiled attempt to make a carbon tax more politically palatable. Thirteen Democrats joined every Republican to defeat the Whitehouse amendment, 41-58.

If enacted, a carbon tax would punish Americans for using affordable energy, hitting the poorest among us the hardest. A recent study found that such a tax would lead to lower wages and increased energy prices, the effects of which would ripple though the economy and hurt all Americans.

We tallied the votes and produced a map showing how your senators voted on the two amendments. Check out the map to see whether your senators voted to tax or defend affordable energy and prosperity.

To see the vote breakdown for Sen. Blunt’s amendment, click here.

To see the vote breakdown for Sen. Whitehouse’s amendment, click here.

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