Washington DC – AEA President Thomas Pyle responded today to the announcement by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that the Pentagon will furlough 800,000 civilian employees for 11 days in order to pay for budget cuts under sequestration:


“This is another example of the Obama Administration using budget cuts to inflict maximum harm on the American people. It is unjustifiable for Secretary Hagel to furlough 800,000 employees while his department continues to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on wasteful green energy initiatives. While Secretary Hagel’s employees are sitting at home for 11 days without pay, the Defense Department will continue spending $59 per gallon on biofuels and ensuring that naval bases produce 50 percent of their energy from expensive alternative sources.


“The Obama-Hagel priorities have never been clearer. This administration would rather furlough hardworking Americans who support our men and women in uniform rather than sacrifice their failing green schemes. Unfortunately, as long as the Obama Administration values their green-above-all political agenda over the well being of the American people, we can expect more of the same.”



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