In the Pipeline: 6/24/13

Really, the President is going to put the heat on consumers, because they are the ones who are going to have to pay for all this nonsense. Politico Pro (6/21/13) reports: “President Barack Obama is preparing to bypass Congress on climate change and use his executive powers on everything from power plants to energy standards for appliances. The president will outline the climate plan Tuesday in a highly anticipated speech, and though official details are still under wraps, a top White House official said last week the president’s agenda will focus broadly on Environmental Protection Agency regulations, energy efficiency and renewable power.”

Mitch McConnell for the First Amendment. Norm Ornstein for political intimidation. National Review (6/21/13) reports: “Speeches before Washington think tanks tend not to be the most exciting of events. But that didn’t stop Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from having his fun with a longtime critic earlier this morning. Speaking before the American Enterprise Institute, McConnell explained to Norm Ornstein how he (Ornstein) has been wrong for years on campaign-finance reform. McConnell cut off Ornstein before he could ask a question, saying: ‘I’ve enjoyed dueling you, Norm, over the years. You’ve been consistently wrong on almost everything.’”

Reality has a way of catching up with you as Germany and others are finding out. The Globe and Mail (6/20/13) reports: “Ontario is scaling back its grand experiment with green energy, slashing $3.7-billion worth of electricity that was to have been produced from wind or solar projects. The cuts will hit a controversial sole-source deal with a consortium led by South Korea-based Samsung Group that offered special financial incentives in a bid to attract investment in renewable energy.”

Tuesday’s unveiling could make it more difficult to get Gina McCarthy through the Senate. Politico Pro (6/23/13) reports: “If Gina McCarthy didn’t already have a target on her back, she does now. The president’s high-profile climate change speech Tuesday — which will include a directive to the EPA to get moving on climate change regulations — only intensifies the already-complicated politics surrounding her confirmation to become EPA administrator.”

If history is any indication, these will probably cost more and be used much less than advertised. Engadget (6/21/13) reports: “Tesla founder Elon Musk has mentioned battery swap service stations as an even faster alternative to charging for EV drivers, and tonight the company showed just how efficiently it can be done. In a demonstration at its design studio, it beat what it claims is the fastest gas pump in LA by exchanging a drained car battery pack for a fresh fully charged one in just 90 seconds. When the $500,000 stations start rolling out, owners will stay in the car the whole time then either swap the battery back for their original on a return trip, or get a bill for the difference based on how new their battery is. According to Reuters, the exchange is expected to cost owners between $60 – $80 each time or about the cost of 15 gallons of gas.”

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