AEA Launches Major New Ad Initiative

WASHINGTON – The American Energy Alliance continues its carbon tax accountability initiative with television and online ads beginning today in West Virginia’s Third Congressional District and tomorrow in the State of Alaska. The West Virginia effort will run until April 12and the Alaska initiative will continue through April 23. These new ads hold Congressman Nick Rahall and Senator Mark Begich accountable for the positions they have taken on the carbon tax.
AEA President Thomas Pyle released the following statement:

“Even though they are on opposite sides of the country, West Virginia and Alaska are quite similar in that they produce the abundant, affordable, and reliable energy resources that power the American economy and create good paying jobs in the process. Unfortunately, West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall and Alaska Senator Mark Begich are also remarkably similar in that they both have mastered the art of saying one thing at home and doing the opposite in Washington. In this case, it is their support for the carbon tax.

“West Virginia is coal country, and yet Nick Rahall voted for a budget that included a carbon tax, which in any form would kill coal and destroy the jobs West Virginia coal miners depend on. Congressman Rahall should be embracing his state’s energy resources instead of working with the liberals in Washington whose agenda would harm the well-being of the people who put him into office.

“Mark Begich has voted not once, but twice, to advance a carbon tax agenda and went even further by signing a letter urging his Democratic Leader, Harry Reid, to immediately advance legislation that would put a price on carbon. This is the same Harry Reid who believes that ‘oil makes us sick’ and insists that we must ‘stop using fossil fuels.’ A carbon tax would drive up energy costs and have a damaging effect on our already fragile economy. Alaska would truly be impacted by a carbon tax, and yet Senator Begich refuses to stand up to the liberals in Washington who are seeking to advance this harmful anti-fossil fuel agenda.

“The American Energy Alliance is committed to holding lawmakers accountable for their actions, especially when those actions raise energy costs on American families. We will continue to use all the tools at our disposal to educate and inform the American people of what their elected representatives are up to in Washington.”

To watch the West Virginia TV ads, click here and here.

To read the fact sheet for the West Virginia ads, click here.

To watch the Alaska TV ad, click here.

To read the fact sheet for the Alaska ads, click here.


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