The PTC Has Overstayed Its Welcome

WASHINGTON – American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement responding to attempts to include the wind PTC in the Senate Finance Committee’s tax extenders bill:

“The death of the wind PTC in 2013 was a victory for taxpayers. Unfortunately, this wasteful subsidy is once again rearing its ugly head. Although not included in the initial extenders bill, Senator Grassley has made it clear that he intends to amend the bill to include the PTC. This is a case of cronyism trumping the interests of the American people.

“Rather than cutting wasteful handouts that would save taxpayer dollars, Senator Grassley and other PTC proponents continue to carry water for Big Wind’s well-heeled lobbyists who have been claiming for decades that the wind industry is on the cusp of economic competitiveness. Handouts like the PTC have serious implications for taxpayers and they should be debated out in the open, not behind the closed doors of the Senate halls.

“The notion that the wind industry is an infant that needs the PTC to get on its feet is simply not true. The PTC has overstayed its welcome and any attempt to extend it would do a great disservice to the American people.”


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