Obama’s Climate Photo-Op: Business As Usual

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on President Obama’s climate deal with China:

“President Obama’s back room climate deal with China is a perpetuation of the status quo disguised as meaningful policy change. While China makes empty and non-binding promises that it ‘intends to try’ to halt its emissions growth a decade and a half from now, President Obama promises to accelerate the pace by which his policies raise our energy costs and harm our economy.

“Similar to past agreements, this deal will do little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, let alone global temperatures. But it will surely stifle our economy and harm American families, particularly the poorest among us and those on fixed incomes.

“The reality is that a growing chorus of developed and developing countries is standing opposed to Obama’s reckless climate agenda. India, one of the fastest growing emitters, is noticeably absent from this deal because its leaders refuse to sacrifice its economic well-being at the altar of climate change.

“Voters sent a clear message in the midterms: enough is enough. Instead of listening to the American people, the president seems intent on distracting the public from the shellacking his policies took at the polls by doubling down on his failed energy and climate agenda. Americans want their elected leaders to focus on jobs and the economy, not a costly climate change agenda.”


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