STUDY: EPA Regs. Will Send Energy Prices Soaring

Americans are facing an onslaught of costly regulations under President Obama’s radical energy agenda. A new study sheds further light on the extent of the carnage.

The study, conducted by Energy Ventures Analysis, finds that a suite of proposed EPA air rules will drive up energy prices for American families. By 2020, households can expect to pay 27 percent more for electricity and 50 percent more for gas for heating and cooking. Regulations included in the analysis include the carbon dioxide emission rule for existing power plants, the Mercury Air Toxics Standards (MATS), and Regional Haze.

Naturally, some states are hit harder than others. Texas households will see 48 percent higher electric bills and 75 percent higher gas bills. Illinoisans will be forced to endure cold Midwest winters with 82 percent higher heating bills. Click here to see how your state fares.

The Energy Venture Analysis study adds to a growing body of research that shows the disastrous impacts of EPA’s regulatory agenda. A recent study by NERA Economic Consulting, for instance, finds that Americans in 43 states will see double-digit electricity rate increases under EPA’s CO2 rule for existing power plants. And an IER analysis shows that EPA rules will shutter more than 72 gigawatts of electrical generating capacity—mostly coal-fired power plants—which is equivalent to shutting off the capacity to power every home in 20 states.

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