PACE Poll: Majority of Americans Support Oil Exports

A new poll commissioned by the Producers for American Crude Oil (PACE) finds that over two-thirds of registered voters support crude oil exports. Conducted by FTI Consulting, the survey also shows that 65% of voters believe “American oil producers should be allowed to sell crude oil to customers in the U.S. and to customers in countries who are trading partners.”

While some worry that allowing oil exports would raise gasoline prices, PACE’s survey found that 76% of registered voters say giving American oil producers the ability to sell their wares abroad would result in a positive overall impact on our economy. Indeed, as the Institute for Energy Research explains, lifting the ban on oil exports would lower gas prices for families, increase domestic energy production, and spur economic growth. Renowned energy historian Daniel Yergin agrees.

Below is a breakout of some of these findings, which show strong public support for expanding America’s energy production:

FTI Poll

This widespread public support for American energy development shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the majority of Americans also support the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline. Unlike far too many politicians and environmental groups inside the beltway, the American public seems to understand that free markets—not government mandates—drive America forward.

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