ICYMI: Mississippi Gov. Rejects EPA Rule

WASHINGTON–Yesterday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant joined a growing list of Governors who are exercising their right to reject the EPA’s carbon regulations, which would cripple America’s existing fleet of coal-fired power plants. In a letter to EPA Administrator McCarthy, Governor Bryant cited cost increases for his citizens and threats to grid reliability among his chief concerns with the sweeping regulation. The governor stated, “we do not see how it will be possible to reasonably develop a State Implementation Plan, given the burdensome requirements of EPA’s proposal in its current form.”
AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“We commend Governor Bryant for his bold stand to protect Mississippians. EPA’s carbon regulation will saddle Americans with higher energy costs by unnecessarily shutting down existing power plants only to be replaced with more expensive sources. State leaders should recognize that it is their right under the Clean Air Act to not submit a state plan and that the costs of doing EPA’s dirty work far outweigh any benefits. We encourage other governors to join the ranks of Governors Bryant, Pence, Walker, Abbott, and Fallin by opposing the EPA’s carbon regulation.”

Click here to read E&E Daily reporter Jean Chemnick’s story on the governor’s letter (subscription required). Click here to read 10 reasons why states should not submit a plan.


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