CRA Votes Could Undermine UN Climate Talks

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement after the Senate voted 52-46 to block EPA’s carbon regulations and the House Energy and Commerce Committee advanced two resolutions to block the regulations:

“Congress is sending a clear message to countries around the world that there is significant opposition to President Obama’s unlawful carbon regulations. World leaders who are banking on the U.S., and our resources, being a part of a global agreement should take note of this opposition.

“Those who voted to block the carbon regulations should be applauded for their effort. The Obama administration’s agenda will unavoidably damage the economy, kill jobs, and raise energy costs–hurting America’s poor and middle class families the most. The president’s promise to veto this resolution proves once again that he cares more about preserving his climate legacy than the interests of the American people.”

Click here to read AEA’s key vote alert on the Senate resolutions.


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